Young Variety

What Is Young Variety?

Young Variety is the future of children helped by Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Since 1928, successive generations of passionate, philanthropic people have written a vibrant, enviable and successful history of vastly improving the lives of children who live with illness, disadvantage and special needs at a local, national and international level through their involvement and support of Variety.

Young Variety is the next generation of passionate and philanthropic young professionals who will sustain Variety far into the future and provide many more of our children with a limitless future as they develop their own talents, network with like -minded peers and, importantly, have fun.

Getting involved with Young Variety helps you develop and hone your own abilities and life skills while delivering the same tangible results to children and never underestimate the positive impact you will have or the inspiration and satisfaction helping children who are less fortunate will bring you.

Young Variety shares the Vision, Mission and Promise of Variety – the Children’s Charity but its Vision expands to be:

To be the future of Variety, the most trusted and effective children’s charity in the world delivering every child equality and a future without limits.