Freedom Program

Variety’s Freedom Program delivers vital life-changing equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to individual children and children’s organizations.

Together through the Freedom program, we change children’s lives by granting items and services that provide independence, mobility and freedom. Grants under the Freedom program are made to individual children and children’s organizations.

Covering a wide scope, Freedom grants may cover

  • Manual and powered wheelchairs
  • Adaptive bicycles and trikes
  • Assistance animals
  • Hoists and lifts
  • Modified vehicle access
  • Standing and walking assistance like gait trainers, walkers, standing frames and positioning systems
  • Specialized car seating, shower and toilet chairs, and many more

In some countries and states Variety grants Sunshine Coaches, usually 8 to 25 seat coaches to allow schools and groups for children with disabilities to be transported to educational, cultural and sporting events in safety. These coaches are often fitted with wheelchair access.

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In some countries and states Variety grants playground equipment. These grants vary from the establishment of a full all-abilities playground to individual pieces of equipment for all-abilities play. In Australia and New Zealand Variety grants Liberty Wheelchair Swings to organizations that serve children who use wheelchairs.

For further information on Variety’s Freedom Program, please contact Variety International

or your local Variety Office

It’s just fantastic to see the difference the bike has made. It was very sad when Ava just used to watch the other children riding their bikes, and couldn’t join in, but now all of us can get on our bikes on the weekend and go exploring, having fun as a family. You want so much for your children, and it’s heartwarming to see them all interacting and playing together. Variety has made a huge difference to the social cohesion of our family. We feel very blessed.

Deborah, Ava’s mother

Having a Variety Sunshine Coach is invaluable for our school. Without it we simply could not afford a coach and would be unable to give the students the many different opportunities that they experience in the community. The children love the ‘shiny new bus’ and are thankful that they can continue to go to ‘fun places’.

Principal Ian Hughes


Variety brings sunshine to the lives of thousands of children through our Sunshine Coaches. Special schools and other organizations have been the grateful recipients of a fleet of coaches, transporting children to their daily activities and other special life experiences.

Sunshine Coaches provide mobility to children who are otherwise unable to experience the joys of excursions and other external learning experiences.

The Sunshine Coach Program is a self-funding part of Variety, meaning we ask applicants to raise funds to contribute to the coach. In most cases, the children's school will contribute one-third of the on-road costs, Variety one-third and a sponsor is sought for the final third. In some instances Variety will make a greater contribution if the organization is seen to be making an effort to fundraise and have exhausted all avenues. Also, if the organization has a vehicle which can be traded in, this money can be used as part of the contribution.