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Spotlight on Major Medical Hospital Services June 10, 2021 7:44 PM

A True Healthcare Partnership

Sending special thanks to Major Medical Hospital Services for supporting the mission of Variety of the National Capitol Region through their recent contribution to our grant fund.  A true partner in both mission and mindset, MMSHI is dedicated to ensuring safe and healthy environments for both patients and staff in the healthcare community.

With this funding, we’re able to assist dozens more local families who are in need of financial assistance and adaptive equipment for their child experiencing mobility challenges.  Thank you MMHSI!


About Major Medical Hospital Services

Major Medical Hospital Services, Inc (MMHSI) is an industry leader in Medical Gas & Environmental testing. Established in 1985 on a foundation of customer service, their management team specializes in quality risk assessment and has over 85 years of experience.  Discover more about their solutions:

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