Sam’s Story

Variety had the opportunity to capture Sam’s Story on film recently outlining the challenges that remarkable children overcome with the assistance of Variety every day.

Variety’s Freedom Appeal granted six year old Sam a Dynamic Movement Orthosis (DMO) suit. Sam has haemophilia and a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia of the spin and loss of function in his abdominal and leg muscles.

Helen and Sam

The DMO enables him to sit up straight allowing movements which are important for his continued physical development and everyday participation. The DMO also allows Sam greater stability, mobility and independence, a high priority on his list, by making it easier for him to manoeuvre in and out of his wheelchair, dress himself, concentrate at school and enjoy more of the things kids his own age do. He will be fitted for a new suit every 12-18 months as he grows and his posture improves.

Sam in chair with Pepsi

Variety of Tasmania thanks Sam and his mother, Helen, for sharing their story in the first of 6 films for Variety Tasmania’s Film Spot Project. These valuable stories will be a fantastic resource for communicating Variety’s the real difference Variety makes in children’s lives.

At the end of the morning’s filming Sam wanted to show us what he could do on the flying fox!

What a champion!

Isaac Winter – Receipt story

The funds raised by Variety help children like Isaac, who is 5 years old and has Angleman’s syndrome, a rare neuro-genetic disorder. As a result, Isaac is in a wheelchair and has a severe intellectual disability and developmental delay. The wheelchair-accessible vehicle Variety granted the family cost $30,927, but is a small price to pay for the daily assistance it has brought to the lives of the Winter family, allowing Isaac to travel to medical appointments, on family outings, and to the supermarket and park where he can have fun with his brother Ryan. “It certainly has been a blessing to us and is making things so much easier”, Isaac’s mother Lorelei.

The life-changing effect this grant has made to their lives is probably best expressed by Isaac’s older brother Ryan, in the poem he wrote to thank Variety:

Isaac poem

“I love my mummy, yes I do and yes I know she love me too
I may not speak, I may not walk, proper words I may not talk
I’m always happy, as I can be, it’s just my personality
A big smile, you will see, when you come and sit with me
A world of fun, with lots of toys, I will laugh at any noise
I’m so happy, all the time, my life is great, my life is fine
I am my mummy’s, little man, I love my mummy, I’m her fan
Independent, I’ll never be, it just means mummy will spend more time with me
That’s all I want, and all I need, my mummy sits and reads to me
She helps me walk, and teaches me how to eat independently
I’ll always love her, right till the end, I love my mummy, she’s my best friend
I have four siblings, I love a lot, well for everyone, much love I’ve got
My name is Isaac, I have a disability, and live my life, very happily
THANK YOU VARIETY for helping me and my mum, I LOVE OUR NEW CAR”