Variety of Israel

Working to grant better lives to thousands of children every year is a great privilege. Many of their stories remain a life-long memory for each and every one involved; this is the story of Nitzan.

Nitzan, an amazing 12 years old girl, came to this worl with a rare genetic disease, which affects various systems in her body and is under places her life under constant risk. Since birth, her body has been covered with red ichthyosis and she has a complete absence of hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

Nitzan’s condition made her completely dependent on her family, however, this brave and strong child has never lost her courage and will to fight the disease.

The daunting challenges young Nitzan was facing demanded her family to make great sacrifices; her father quit his job and now dedicates all the time to take care of her. When Variety of Israel was approached by her family, we felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to help wonderful Nitzan and her family.

The parents approached Variety of Israel to help fund the Para medical treatments for Nitzan and we were happy to grant them.

The efforts made by our staff, who were all inspired by Nitzan and her family’s endless optimism, continue to date, as we are all dedicated to find new ways of helping young Nitzan.