Variety of Georgia’s Caring for Kids

Variety of Georgia’s Caring for Kids program provides access to uncovered medical services and devices for special needs children. Variety was pleased to gift a new cochlear implant for Robert.

Robert was born deaf. At two-years old, he received his first right-ear cochlear implant and by ten, he received his first left-ear cochlear implant. This allowed him to listen and understand sounds that would eventually allow him to speak. Improved technology allowed Robert to progress in hearing and speech.

Robert, an excellent student, has a passion for science and swimming. He wants to study sea animals and become a marine biologist. Since hearing devices cannot be near water, he experiences one major setback.


The solution: provide Robert with the first hearing device connected to the cochlear implant that can be used in water. Robert was excited, he knew scuba diving classes and exploring the underwater world were now in his reach. The new device would increase hearing clarity by at least 20% outside of the water and provide hearing capabilities in and near water. The price for the device was out of the family’s current financial capabilities and their insurance denied the claim. Disappointed and heartbroken, Robert’s mother reached out to Variety and his application was approved.

Robert’s new cochlear implant has allowed Robert to explore his passions and give him the opportunity to become a marine biologist. He is now able to swim, dive, and hear the sounds of water all around him. This is the newest technology; every sound enhanced to provide better hearing out of the water.

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