Variety of Southern Nevada

Variety of Southern Nevada realized the need and importance of quality care for at risk children and low-income families struggling in the Las Vegas area upon it’s inception in the 1950’s. Dedicated to that cause, Variety of Southern Nevada built the Variety Early Learning Center in 1955. Today the school’s needs still remain great, especially in these tough economic times. Variety of Southern Nevada continues a strong presence of assistance for The Variety Early Learning Center through its committed fundraising and grant writing support.

Through these efforts we were able to provide 15 children with 3-year scholarships to attend a quality preschool program, and 150 children with brand new furniture and equipment for the school. This was not only necessary to improve the health and safety of the children’s environment but is a living example proving to these children that they are worthy and deserving of a quality life.

The devoted support that these scholarships along with the safe and healthy school environment greatly decreases the probability of these children ending up in unsafe environments which has is statistically proved to be detrimental to their success upon reaching adulthood. The children at Variety Early Learning Center are no strangers to substandard surroundings due to the economic situations they live in. Variety of Southern Nevada has been dedicated to their success, health and happiness for over 50 years and will continue to be.

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