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Dillan’s Story June 8, 2021 7:57 PM

Dillan was born with a diagnosis of PFFD, proximal femoral focal deficiency. With this diagnosis, children can further suffer from leg length discrepancy, fibular memimelia, join instability and muscle weakness. Dillan has had prolonged mobility issues and has undergone multiple surgeries to assist with her diagnosis.

She was unable to ride a standard bike due to her weakness, decreased range of motion and pain. However, through her involvement at Pediatric Movement Center, a faithful partner of Variety DC, she was able to borrow one of their adaptive bikes to provide her with cardiovascular activity, which improved her overall health and confidence.

Through the generous giving of corporate sponsors and individual donors, Variety DC was able to provide Dillan an adaptive bike of her very own to ensure lasting growth and improvement both at the clinic and at home.

After receiving the bike, Dillan crafted her very own thank you letter, transcribed below.

In Dillan’s Words

I want to thank you, and Variety DC, for your recent donation of the Rifton Trike! I just wanted to write a thank you letter to show how grateful I am.  This bike is helping me get back to “Me.”  It’s helping build strength in my knee and it helps me spend quality time with my family.  Lastly, my bike helps me feel normal because I can ride for a long time like other people and not be in pain and I can keep up with my family while we are riding together.  Many many thanks to Variety DC and all your donors for making a tremendous impact in my journey and helping me to “Sparkle More”!

Dillan’s mom also shared that this experience has inspired Dillan to one day launch her own organization named, “Sparkle More”, and we could not be more inspired by her story!

Thank you to everyone who made this donation possible!


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